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Double lesson, part 2 of 2

Double lesson - part 2
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Part 4:


Get together with your neighbor and exchange your answers to these questions: 

Do you remember situations where you were so angry that you couldn't do anything that might have been helpful in that situation? What did you do?
You have 3 minutes. You can measure the time with the timer again.

Time: 3 minutes (total)
Material: -

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Part 5:


How did it feel when you got up and stood in the smaller group? How was it, when everyone was standing together?
Please talk about it with your neighbor now.
You have 2 minutes. To measure the time, you can use the timer again.

Time: 2 minutes (total)
Material: -

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Part 6

Now you have some more time to exchange in class.
You can discuss for example:
Which strategies do you find helpful and which not?
Who can support you if there is a conflict within your class?

In the additional material you will find information and support regarding cyberbullying and hate speech.

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