Needs List

The list as pdf can be found here:

FoodI want to eat/drink.
MovementI want to move.
ProtectionI want to be protected.
RestI want to rest.
RelaxationI want to relax.
HealthI want to be healthy.
SafetyI want to be safe.
AutonomyI want to decide for myself what I do and how I do it.
AuthenticityI want to be myself.
IntegrityI want to stand by my actions.
RespectI want my value and significance to be seen.
HonestyI want to be honest with each other.
SecurityI want to be secure.
OrderI want to find my way around.
ClarityI want to know what is happening.
to understandI want to understand.
DevelopmentI want to grow and evolve.
Sense of purposeI want to do things that make sense.
EffectivenessI want to do things that are effective to bring me closer to my goal.
EfficiencyI want to achieve my goal with as little effort as possible.
ContributionI want to contribute.
CreativityI want to live out and realize my own ideas.
InspirationI want to be inspired.
HarmonyI want things to be in harmony.
JoyI want to enjoy life.
EaseI want it to be easy and straightforward.
FunI want to be happy and laugh.
EmpathyI want to be heard and seen.
ClosenessI want to be close to someone.
LoveI want to be loved and love.
ConnectionI want to be connected to others.
CommunityI want to be part of it and be connected to others.
BelongingI want to be able to identify with something.
to be understoodI want to be understood.
TrustI want to trust in something/someone.
AcceptanceI want to be accepted.
AppreciationI want to be seen as valuable.
SupportI want someone to support me.
ReliefI want someone to take something off my hands.
ConsiderationI want to be considerate with each other.