Additional Material

We are still in the process of adding to this list.

Helpful resources to learn more Nonviolent Communication can be found here:

There you will also find our free NVC e-book.

You can find more materials and many open educational resources here:

Information and support for cyberbullying and hate speech:
/Aufstehen against hate online – feminist website against hate speech

et/bildmachen – Workshops for young people to deal with Islamist speeches with a focus on social media

e/Das Nettz – Hate Speech Networking Centre with numerous links and information
ry/Democratic Meme Factory – respond to discriminatory messages with creative responses and memes

de/Demokratielabore – Workshops and actions for young people around digitalisation, technologies and social interaction
e/No Hate Speech Movement – movement that fights against hate speech and for diversity and tolerance
lDie Internet knights – how children can deal with cyberbullying and hate speech
Digitale heroes – use digital communication consciously and competently
Facebook-Gruppe #ichbinhier – for a better culture of discussion and against hate speech on social media
FSM e.V. – Complaints Body for illegal and adult online content

de/Gegenargument – Get to know arguments and conversation strategies to enable dialogue
/Gemeinsam against hatred – advice and support for young people affected by anti-Semitic violence and those who want to help them
esicht show! – Association with a wide range of offers for respect and tolerance
teAid – Help for those affected by hatred on the Internet
/Love Storm training and action platform against hatred online

NotEgal – Initiative for good coexistence on YouTube and beyond


NoHateNoFake – video blogs against Hate Speech and Fake News on the Net
Safer Internet DE – Reporting office for illegal content, free telephone counselling for children, young people and parents (number against grief), learn to recognize possible risks on the Internet
teme/Stoppt digital bullying! #NoHateMe – Tell your story, find support and support those affected.
ine/Werte live online – young people are committed to fair online dealings
ideo “Hate Letters as a Stage Show” – Hate Poetry