No hate speech, more respect on the net! 

School, Net and Empathy
is a free video course for schools, youth institutions, groups etc..
It deals with non-violent communication, especially from the viewpoint of: insults, name-calling, verbal aggression and hate speech in social media.

Here you will find the trailer of the course:

Duration: 2 school lessons of 45 minutes (as 2 individual lessons or 1 double lesson)
Age: about 12 years and above
Free of charge and no registration required

How does it work?

You can easily follow the course together with the students using a beamer or Smartboard. The course guides you through videos and exercises. You don't need any prior knowledge. Just have a look at the course in advance and print out the required materials. You will then be able to moderate the exercises in class.

You can find the required material (to print) here.

We hope you will enjoy it and are looking forward to your feedback!

You need:
Time: about 2 school lessons of 45 minutes
Beamer or Smartboard
Internet access
Material (printed): have a look here

This course is also available as an online course for individuals: The Nonviolent Communication (GFK) Challenge. Find out more below:

Additional material:

In the additional material you will find information and links to counselling centres, further material, etc.

This course is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. The animations are by Dominika Kalcher, camera and editing by Chris Elsner, music by Nuk Herzfeldt, organization Isabel Klinkigt, directed by Christopher Gottwald. Many thanks to everyone who contributed.

Diane L√ľning and Cornelia Ulber from Muutos e.V.

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"No hate speech, more respect on the net" was made possible by a great amount of 
volunteer work
and our sponsors.
Many thanks to them:
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